Stand on the Scale

If you into weight-loss, is there anytime this happens to you? lol, that happens to me a lot of time after working so hard, counting even the calories in water and voila not 1lb gain, not 2 but 4lbs. A whole 4 lbs. This had been happening to me since 2 years now, meaning…

I have been stagnated for 2 years and I keep dangling within the same range. Somehow I stopped getting bothered about it but I catch some fun watching myself go hungry when I should be eating, or sweating like a “I-am-in-trouble-help-me” when I could lazy around.

I have learnt to love the smell of the cast iron, the dripping of the sweat, the breathlessness on my lungs and the shaky muscles after a session (I know I always look ridiculous when I workout, hahahahaha), but I will do what ave gat to do. It makes me happy, tell me to stop and I will hate you.

If you ask me, I must have been on maintenance for two years then. That is more satisfactory.

About the picture above, I wonder if that is the best way to weigh-in. I would really love that, I am always a few pounds lighter. What happened anyways?

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