Streak: Cut…

Hey readers.

It’s exactly a week since my last post and my bad, no workout, bad eating habits and it looks as though a devil is taking over [I will never allow it in Jesus Name]. I eat virtually anything in site but I am careful to eat only when I feel hungry but I promise myself to start something tomorrow first of September

[maybe the date has something to do with consistency, so I will flow with the date]…


I am however feeling a little free this week [from church activities though], I hope to use it for some meeeee time, spiritual retreat, fitness, and some food abstinence in that order

I am still keeping faith with my hair and I just so happy that God [and me too] are in full charge. I said God because he created me in His likeness and image and will help with anything and everything I ask of him [Yes! He said it]. So I ask him to help my hair [I have decided to transition to natural] grow faster, thicker and fuller.
Find below my daily routine products.

A spray bottle filled with [water, glycerine, castor oil and leave-in conditioner], a small bottle with olive oil and castor oil, shea butter mixture and a bottle of weaves oil for my wig.

My personal care products.

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