Streak: Day 1

Weigh in: 174.8lbs

Morning Exercise:
20 minutes walking with Leslie
12 minutes Upper Body workout
3 minutes stretch

Trying my hands on Daily Intermittent Fasting, I had tried it a few times before and somehow I got discouraged but right now I think I should give it a try again since it looks as if I have a candid support from an aunty on Facebook. I should survive it with a better mindset and support this time.
It is an 8 hour eating window, i.e. I eat all I need in calories for the day within just 8 hours after which I stop eating. Today I will be eating between 11 – 12 noon (I feel so hungry right now because of the heavy bathroom use this morning sorry TMI).

The initial idea was actually starting the window between 12 – 1pm and stop eating between 8 – 9pm.

I am a bit optimistic about this and I believe I can do it.

2 thoughts on “Streak: Day 1

  1. OYIN

    Hey, I am really interested in losing weight,I just had my baby 6months ago and now I need to start keeping fit,am a stay home mom,what fitness schedule do u think could work for me best? Thanks and keep up the vibe!

  2. Tope Tunde

    Hey, Oyin nice to have you visit my blog.
    Six months is still early but before you start anything you need a medical clearance from your doctor. Then I think you need to start on a lower pedestal so that you will not tire out easily. You can start with a 3 days in a week workout, like a cardio e.g. cycling, walking, brisk walking and even swimming. Anything that is low impact will be the best for you right now. Marching in place is something you can wake up to do every morning and trust me, the difference will most def be obvious. Another factor to take care of is your diet, eat healthy not bulky, reduce fat and embrace whole foods. I wish you and your baby a healthy time together.

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