Streak: Day 10

Day 9 and 10 had been awesome. Yesterday I was determined to work out but it was so much time crunch, I just had a lot to do with little time. But it was nice I had to workout my core and some walking with Leslie. As little as I could do yesterday, I felt the effect today in my abs. AF is here too and it came calmly this time around (I love that it behaves itself so well this way all way and always).

My workout:
I did only the first circuit and did it just twice instead of thrice. Continue…

Still in control. I realized that this allergy drug I had been using (resumed again yesterday) is disorganizing my bathroom/toilet routine. I hope there is a way out of it, when I don’t go, I always feel real heavy. I think I need to stuff myself with more veggies and fruits.

I am more consistent in this hair regimen than exercising I think. I moisturize and seal twice daily (morning and night). I also washed yesterday (Thursday) morning because I was feeling a lot of scratch and I think that is coming from the trapped sweat during my cardio workout. I think I am understanding my hair now and I know how best to take care of it.

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