Streak: Day 2

Morning Exercise
33 minutes with Tony Horton, I did modifications when I got tired though and it was sweaty and pumped my heart too.
I may be doing some abs when I get home tonight.

It’s day 2 with my 8 hours window eating. As the program outlines, the major meal only come in after the 14 hours fasting (It’s 14 for women and 16 for men).I stopped eating by 9pm last night and my 14-16 hours fasting should end between 11am – 1pm. There are some modifications to this diet when you are a beginner like me.
I have read through the original manuscripts and I know it is a strict diet during the fast, you are not allow to take more than water during the fast. But with little modifications here and there, I took a cup of coffee with little milk and unnoticed sugar today, a 100g guava and 1 small orange. My major meal for the day is the one I will eat soon which is lunch. I hope this all works for me in the long run.

By the time I follow this streak I should be doing without any food other than black tea for the 14 -16 hours.

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