Stuffs About Me

1) Who is your favorite superhero/villain?

2) What was your favorite vacation spot?
3) Who is your favorite cartoon character?
4) If you could dye your hair any color, what color would it be?
5) What was the funniest joke you ever heard?
6) How long have you known your best friend?
7) Jumpsuits/Rompers or Harem Pants?
8) What is your favorite accessory?
9) Who is your fashion role model?
10) What color is your closet full of?
11) How many pairs of shoes do you own?

I promised to answer the above questions yesterday and here I am today.

1. Favorite Superhero should be my dad before his death. He looks like a complete man;
2. Favorite Vacation spot is a place with a waterfall/natural habitat;
3. “Thomas” in Tom & Jerry;
4. My favorite hair dye color would be Amber;
5. I cannot remember any right now, I have heard a whole lot of jokes;
6. I don’t have a best friends except if my DH counts as one. I have known him for 9 years;
7. I could tolerate Rompers. I don’t like either
8. Wrist Watch and Bracelets;
9. I am not a fashionista but I love to dress nice. Anybody with my body shape (inverted triangle) and is trendy, those I love;
10. Black/Grey;
11. 15 pairs of shoes excluding my workout shoes (4 of those)

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