It’s 6 days since blogging and I am not sure that makes me happy at all. I will really want to dedicate some “me” time for this blog and ways to also improve the looks.

It is Friday today and everything actually looks “Fridayish” with a long weekend in view (it’s holidays next week), there is so much traffic outside there. Everybody wants to stock their homes and get things done before the holidays I think?

Office is quite a bore today and everything I had wanted to do save my hair was still not done. I was only able to make arrangements about when and what I am doing to the hair tomorrow (datsall).

I am going to stock my house tomorrow and try some new recipes over the long weekend too. I love them fresh and new. Funny with my adventures, I was in a departmental store yesterday and I bought something I don’t even know (I mistook it for some other thing), GO ended up telling me it was squids (what’s that???). I am not sure I can eat that?
I promise myself to keep it and use it to make my chilly veggie (efo riro), I may likely endure the squids in the pepper (ish).

I have not worked out in days, what is wrong wiv me na??? I cannot do without working out, so I promise that I will, soon and very soon. Prolly when this 30th Anniversary is done, I canst wait. GO is really working hard for its success and so shall it be IJN.

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