Week 1 Weigh In: 169lbs

Today is week 1 since I decided to stop the monthly challenges and tweaked to weekly plans. That is rather doable for me and I think I am reaping the dividends of the change coupled with intermittent fasting (Church matters). 
My scale had been misbehaving for a while now so I decided to weigh my 10lbs dumbbells this morning before weighing myself, it showed 9.8lbs so I concluded I will be removing 0.2lbs from every of my weigh in pending when I will reward myself with a new scale.
I eventually weighed in at 169.2lbs and that automatically gives me a 169lbs for Wednesday Weigh in. That truly made me happy because I was tired of seeing 170 something every time for the past few weeks now. I was both surprised too because while breaking my fast last night, I ate everything in site including BREAD (my weakness). I was doing this because today was going to be a full day fast no tasting, no water too till breaking period. 
Food is on point because there is no way I would over stuff myself at night when I am breaking the fast, if I do that it will be jeopardizing all efforts of the restrictions. I try to put as much protein as I could and oil/fats. When you are on a fast with the inclusion of calorie restriction, it is better to eat foods high in protein and fats (healthy fats though), it keeps you full longer before the hunger pangs set it. We are eating out tonight and I hope to switch on my healthy eating alert!!!
High Carbs Alert!!! But that is my typical daily consumption
Exercising was fun last week because I danced throughout, at a point I even videoed myself dancing and trust I got the steps right and it was more hilarious seeing myself dancing, I hope to do that again under a better lighting and I may share this online someday.
This week did not start well and I think my schedule was also ambiguous. I had videos like 60 minutes Cardio Conditioning with Bob Harper, 45 minutes hip-hop dance etc. I feel I should have planned lesser minutes, I have to confess that I have not exercise this week and to get my minutes in I cleaned the whole house myself yesterday (45 minutes).
I woke up feeling rather tired again today but because I won’t be cooking tonight, I will get my minutes in before bed, I promise myself and my readers to do just that.
See you next week for another update, hoping to record a better loss.

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