Week 10 Weigh-in: NSV

I weighed in this morning at 170.2lbs and that is a gain of 0.6lbs this week. I did well because I had NSVs . I feel so proud of this achievements and I know that the scale will soon move towards the right direction. 
NSV means Non-Scale Victory, it is very important for everyone on a weight loss journey to imbibe this as a culture if they want to ever make a headway. It is often said that the scale nor the numbers on it does not determine what success you have. I agree with this and I think it is fact even though it is easier to feel bad and misbehave after any weigh in that shows an unfavourable number. 
I am a little different because I do misbehave after both a good or bad weigh in. I do get some slack after a good weigh in because I feel I have done well and so I relax a bit maybe a day or two and I am back to my plans and routine. If weigh in was bad, I feel disappointed and I tend to throw caution into the air and eat  with a feeling that “even when I have fulfilled all righteousness, all was still not well”. 
This same overwhelming feeling after a weigh in came upon me again this morning, but somehow because my week was good in other areas I never mind the scale, I decided to be focused on my plans because I have it handy now (I now plan my meals and exercises, the night before). 
This brings planning back to mind, I have really enjoyed the benefits of planning to the max this week. My journal became my bestie and with some monitoring from Fabulous: Motivate Me, I developed several habits including writing in the journal every night before bed. I write the following in it:
1. DONE beside the food and exercise plan for the day
2. Write exercise and food plan for the following day
3. Write down my feelings on the performance for the day i.e. was I able to meet with my goals on the workout front? Did I eat something else not in my journal?
4. What do I need to do to improve on any weakness for the day.
5. Lastly, write down what I am thankful for in the day
I can say on the overall that my week had been fabulously successful. Another habit I am inculcating on Fabulous Me is to learn to celebrate my achievements. 
170.2lbs on the scale today does not tell the following:
– My feeling of achievement right now
– My ability to finish my workouts each day of the week
– The skirt I am putting on now is looser on me
– Endorphin rush after my new found exercise crush – Plyometrics
– A good and healthy habit of 1 glass of water every morning now for 2 weeks
– The habit of waking up to exercise every morning before life gets in the way
– A wonderful sleep all night through this week
– 240 minutes of intentional fitness minutes through the week

I could go endless having to recount what my NSVs are this week. I am posting this to encourage myself not to give up because the scale does not determine a lot of things about me. 
Meanwhile, I must be truthful that the scale is an important part of my weight-loss journey and will always be. I must however keep as a check and balance tool, so I determine when cutting some slack is enough or would not be needed at all.
As a new week starts for me tomorrow, I will improve on the calories within my eating window and be more disciplined with carbs.

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