Week 11 Weigh-in: Planning

It is two weeks and two days today that I had been planning and journaling. In these few weeks I can call myself a planner, woohoo!
Planning also called forethought is the process of thinking about and organizing the activities required to achieve a desired goal”. I love this definition because of the these words ‘thinking‘ ‘organizing‘ and ‘goal’, since that’s what I have been doing, although not the deep kind of thinking but the just-do-it type. I mean all I do each night is just know what my workout plan for tomorrow is and I get everything ready including Plans A, B and everything to Z. I wake up each day not planning to finish the whole exercise in my journal but as much as I am satisfied with while there is still time.

I write the meal plan for the next day including my snacks in my journal and for the past 16 days, it’s been worth it.

Every night I end the day completing my workout or writing how the day had been food-wise and exercise-wise, I write down my thoughts and judgments of the day plus every overeating and under-eating is taken note of. I forgive my errors and look forward towards the goals ahead. I make sure to write in my journal every night so that any “tomorrow” is not haphazardly lived and trust me it is working for me.

Many faces of my journal

I weighed in at 170.2lbs today, that is a maintenance from last week. I had a few episodes of overeating during the week but I still had intermittent fasting of at least a 14:10 daily i.e. some days more but never less. I am pushing on because I know that results will come, I believe the scripture that says it is he that endures to the end that shall be saved. I will keep at it till results are evident.

I am feeling really good about myself these days, I think it’s an inner joy and satisfaction that comes out of a consistent life, never had it this good in a while. I made it a point of note never to leave the house in the morning without a workout even if it’s just 3 minutes like I did this morning and when I am in debt of a workout session it must be paid before bed each night. I must also write in my journal every night as a ritual.

Some more NSVs this week, I was not feeling clumsy in my clothes and I feel so relaxed in my own skin/body, no back pain, no unnecessary fatigue, I feel my energy level is higher.

When I have done this for a month, then I am rewarding myself with one of two things (whichever one is cheaper, lol), one for my natural hair and the other for the fit body.


planning is a daily affair on every issue

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