Week 12 Weigh-in: Plateaux

Last week, I was very religious with tracking both food and workout on a daily basis and all was going well till Saturday when I was supposed to have tabata, I just realized my heart rate was high, my body was not ready and till this morning I had not lifted a finger in my home gym. 
It would be a lie if anyone told you it’s all rosy and active through a weight loss journey there are lots of ups and down. In fact I think my own journey had been unique. I cannot work on a regimen for 4 weeks straight, No I can’t! BUT I WILL, as you know that I get bored easily, so to be frank the road is not easy at all and I am not exempted.
Anyways the point for the day is that I had not exercised in 4 days straight up and I am not sure that is too good. How did I get here?
1. I got bored of my present exercise plan
2. I had two nasty headaches this week
3. I stepped on the scale on Saturday (taboo), I was wowed by a quite high number which was water weight I am sure.
4. The hard disk of my laptop crashed or something close and I need a new one that will cost me so much. This tampered with my motivation a lot because there was no variety especially for my cardios and plyometrics.
5. That fog feeling came again, “I wasn’t just feeling it”.
There is no error in falling just be sure to stand up at each point.
I always knew that when exercising is in a rut make sure diet is on point and that had worked for me this past week.  I wrote a new eating plan for June and I know this will take me off this maintenance mode and the scale moving in the right direction. My plans are firstly, to focus more on intermittent fasting and secondly, reduce my portion at any given meal. Since I am reducing my portions I will be eating every four hours till my eating window expires e.g. 11am, 3pm and 7pm, I tried it yesterday and I realized I was not extremely hungry before the next meal, I am positive that it will work.
Today I weighed in at 170.2lbs (Maintenance mode alert) I had been here for 4 weeks. 
I spoke about getting myself a reward if I could maintain my exercise streak for 4 weeks and since I could not, I think I lost it. Another 4 weeks streaks starts today.
My Smart Tracker Reduced to 2 holes

Rings always rolling around my fingers
Above are my NSVs for the week.

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