Week 14 Weigh-in: Exercise Personality

When we talk of personality, we are referring to who you really are, what stuff you are made of, what you do as habit or attitude effortlessly or sometimes without thinking. For example you can never advise an extrovert to start talking because it is done without thinking neither will you force an introvert to socialize since he won’t bulge. In the psychological world, they have a lot of classifications that I am not delving into in this post. I will be referring you to some quiz (at the end of the post) where you can find out where you belong and what you can do to help achieve your healthy goals.
Did you wake up 4:30am everyday to get some runs in and after a week you were either exhausted, bored and uninterested in it any longer?
Were you in a monthly challenge and your schedule did not see the light of the 5th day?
Have you tried Yoga and you wondered what the slow motion is all about?
Did you register in a gym at the beginning of a year and you wondered why the gym cannot be quiet for a short time?
Do you realize that working out alone, helps you gather new thoughts and ideas together?
If you notice anything that others can do easily and it seemed boring, lousy, too competitive etc, I think it has something to do with your personality.
The above is the reason fitness expert advises that you should do what works for you and what gives you fun. If you don’t like running, you don’t need to, in a bid be fit and healthy. I have seen a lady who lost a whooping 51lbs of weight using hula hoop (looks like child’s play right? But it gives her some fun as she burns the calories), there is no one-size-fits-all in the weight-loss journey and that is why it is essential to find what befits your personality and keep at it. It is high time exercisers know themselves, stop the comparison and do what you love.

I love strength training a lot or what is called resistance training, because I feel it’s quiet and my heart rate rises steadily unlike cardio where you have it so high and may have to keep it high for a while. In the midst of all these, I love circuit training or interval training where one can make the heart thump out of the chest for one minute and the next you are recovering. Let me give you the idea of what I like, Jillian Michaels 30-Day Shred and the fact that I am doing it for less than 30 minutes max, like P90X, Insanity and the likes. I love the fact that even when heavy metal is not involved, there are some resistance training.

It was not long ago before I also found that I cannot keep up with monthly challenges/routine. Anything beyond 2 weeks, my motivation wanes, in fact right now my routine/schedule is weekly and immediately I found out this secret, keeping up with myself was less struggling.
I also love mix-match i.e. having to chose whatever exercise that appeals to me just before I do it. For example, if my schedule says Cardio on Wednesday, I pick my cardio exercise Tuesday night so that I wake up early, do it and I am done before I get bored by merely looking at it, (boredom is so close to me, I could be bored of blinking, lol of course not).

With a new exercise plan in place for this week, I weighed in at 169lbs this morning and I hope the scale shows me less next week. Have some fun by clicking the links below.

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