Week 15 Weigh-in: Declutter the Clutters

This week had not been really interesting save the surprise birthday party I was at on Monday 20th. On the healthy lifestyle road, I can say this week was a bore. I tried working out but the morale was just not there (always remember that this happens a lot along your journey to success).
Well, I needed to something interesting for this week’s post and voila  – “clutters and de-cluttering”.
We have all had to battle with this at one time or another. If you are a working class and you are like me with an 8 hour job with other extra-curricula activities on a daily basis, then you will relate with this a lot. Sometimes it becomes worse and you just must find that time to get your house in order.
At a point, a cluttered house was my bane till I found a secret of handling one room per time and in a month my home became a safe haven again. Funny part is that when the house is cluttered there is a superstition that one will be having constant nightmares (I don’t know how true that is). 
Meanwhile, it is important to also note that dirty is NOT cluttered; dirty is about the neatness while clutter is about the proper arrangement of your wares to have enough working space in the room either your kitchen, gym, bedroom, bathroom etc.

Some advantages comes with a de-cluttered house:
  • A beautiful and neat environment
  • Peace of mind
  • Seemingly large work space
  • Easier to clean
  • Ability to meet other plans e.g. a de-cluttered home gym encourages me to workout daily and so the kitchen too.

As I mentioned above, take this gigantic task one step at a time, pick a room and I would advice that you do not be tempted to do more than a room at a time if not the idea would fail. I have tried and tested it.

I have some before and after pictures of my home gym, 
Before pictures of my home gym:

After pictures:

I eventually had enough space to do my jumping jacks, jump ropes and other plyos.

Weigh in today is 169.8lbs, that is very a good TOM gain. I normally have up to 2lbs gain after TOM. My number goal this week is to be under 169lbs.

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