Week 16 Weigh-in: A New Series

I am making this a quick post so that I am not breaking my weigh in streak. I weighed in yesterday at 170.2lbs and that is a result of one week of inactivity but keeping food choices on point. I did well intermittently fasting and made good food choices, I also tracked my meals in my journals without default.
You might wonder why I feel a gain of 0.4lbs is a good thing, I think so because I am just coming out of TOM and I normally expect a 3lbs gain most times but I think something is working for me, I only hope it has nothing to do with lack of exercise which characterized this week.
I coming up with a series of posts on hunger, cravings and a desire to eat, I am almost done with it and I promise you it will be a good time to keep “overeating” under forever.
I danced last week for a total of 90 minutes and I was surprised to have over 10,000 steps on my tracker, that is over 7,000 dancing steps since I had 3,000 steps for the whole day.
I hope you will consider dancing to fitness, especially dancing to tunes you love. A post is coming soon on that, and I think it’s better a vlog.
I have an outing ceremony tomorrow and will involve a road trip so, intermittent fasting is yesterday and today so that nothing holds back the fun tomorrow.
Catch with the new series and how that will help us in July.

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