Week 2 Weigh in: 170lbs (TOM and other issues)

It is going to be a quick post today because less had happened other than lots of clutter and disorganization, ish.
Today is another weigh in and I can say I did not do badly with a gain of a pound from last week. TOM is here and I normally have a 3lbs gain for other months.
To be candid, I hate making excuses but not when life keeps getting in my way. I have issues with people who are disorganized and they keep assuming that is the way every other person around them is.
I became a little organized after reading Eat That Frog! (21 Great Ways to Stop Procrastinating and Get More Done in Less Time). The book is about handling your stuff in the order of importance, the “frog” is actually the activity that is hardest for you and shouldn’t be delegated or delayed for another time, this is marked “A”, a “B” is what is second most important but that is not so vital but equally necessary. A “C” is an activity that can be delegated or shifted till the other free times, a “D” can be passed on till the next day and so on.
I have my itinerary that way when I am under a lot of pressure from inside and outside. 
Where the issue becomes problematic is when others (outsiders) keep bumping on your plans with their own “troubles”. I keep asking why people do that anyway, they really care less if you have plans to either run your own errands or even rest before they include you in theirs. This gets to me a lot and sometimes I wish I can really say a big “NO” without sounding irresponsible. 
To keep the story short, the plan for this week was totally re-directed without any apology. I was doing some 5 – 10 minutes strength training each night, just so my streak on HabitBull app is not broken.
Food is also on point with my streak on intermittent fasting just broken broken two days ago because I had the flu and I needed to take some OTC drugs. 
I am very optimistic that the coming week will be recording a good weight loss.
See you all soon.

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