Week 20 Weigh-in: Celebrate

I have kept at this streak for 20 good weeks straight up. Yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaayyyyyyyyy

Find Below my chart for the past 5 months of consistent weigh ins.

I am really proud of myself not because of the weight loss but because I am becoming consistent with a thing without being bored.
Over the past 5 months I had also shared my successes and my failures without withdrawing or becoming ashamed of myself. I love the fact that I am doing this for ME and myself alone.
I had a lot of NSVs over the past weeks and one of them is the boldness to share all what I am going through in my weight loss journey on this blog. 
In the spirit of celebrating myself, I am going declare a giveaway before the next weigh in, (just for Nigerians though). Nothing is involved other than to appreciate viewers/readers (though only few comments) for their support. Keep reading/viewing and if you change your mind please comment.
The fact that you come here and even view is a lot of motivation for me to keep writing and sharing my life with you.
How do you celebrate your successes?
I weighed in at 166lbs yesterday, that is an 0.2lbs loss. Yay

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