Week 25 Weigh-in: Biggest Loser Challenge

I am sure you are familiar with the Biggest Loser TV series that ran its 17th season this year – since 2004. It is a challenge where obese or overweight contestants are made to go through rigorous exercise and strict dieting disciplines. They compete for cash reward for 3 months and after which a ranch winner and a home winner emerges. So when next you hear “biggest loser“, its not pessimism they mean the individual with the lowest number on the scale, I will most love to be in that category, lol. 
Post today is about a replica of this TV series that I have been involved in over the past 4 years. This is an online version of the biggest loser TV series. This challenge runs for 15 weeks straight with a weekly Wednesday weigh in and some other in between activities just to keep team mates on their toes for the period, some of which are:

1. LCW = Last Chance Workout: This challenge is the workout the day before the Wednesday weigh-in. This is the last chance that everyone has of burning every last calorie and is a way to make sure that the players have nothing left and are going to weigh as little as possible at the weigh in.
2. TNT Challenges = Each week you will see a TNT Challenge. TNT stands for Tone and Tighten (or Tighten and Tone). The challenges are each a little different but they focus on building strength through a variety of exercises. We also offer an alternate TNT.  You can do either of these or choose your own Strength Training program. Just complete your TNT sometime during each week.
3. Wednesday Weigh-In = Each week, team members are to all weigh in (whichever way/time is convenient) and to post the weights in the mapped out charts by each team.
4. WEC = Friday to Monday Weekend Challenge is the weekly challenge that teams participate in. This weekend challenge follows a weekly central theme but different activities depending on teams and their preferences. The winner at the end of the week is determined by the participation level in the WEC and the team with the highest weight loss. Although the team that gets into the light is the team that has the highest total lost weight.
5. Fitness/Nutrition Streak = This is a streak that we compulsorily sign into so that we keep track of a chain of some fitness and nutrition options to chose from and to be adhered for the 15 weeks of the challenge without a break.
I need to mention here that I presently belong to the Navy Ninjas team and we are committed to accountability and participation (I am so sorry this post is coming now), although the teams are closed now because the challenge commences next week but you can get yourself geared up for the next round which should be next year.
I love my team so much (thanks to Grace our captain) and I am looking forward to another round of great push for another 15 weeks and I hope to not only lose weight but get to my weight loss goal by the end of this 32nd round of the BLC. This challenge had pushed and helped me a bunch over these years and I know there are a lot to show for it.
I will base my posts on the challenge’s themes for the next couple of weeks. I know we will enjoy this together and I am sure to post my progress as the weeks roll by.

The coming week is going to be a little challenging for me because of some program in the church, I need to plan myself ahead of this so that I don’t crash along the way.

Weigh in today is bad and I mean very bad, I expected it though. I have not been exercising  and I refuse to make any excuse because they only ground me and not help me to my goal weight. I weighed in at 169lbs this morning, I had been bloated since last night and still is now.
One of the highlights of the BLC this round is writing a letter to self and this letter is sent back to you when you are messing up. I did a tough love to myself in this letter and the day our captain sends it back to me, I will share it here.

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