Week 27 Weigh-in: Challenge Recap (Week 1)

The week 1 of the Biggest Loser Challenge ended yesterday and Wednesday Weigh-in is today. I will like to give a recap of how that past week went.

During the weekend challenge we were required to do the following:

Develop Nutritional Habits

Develop Fitness Habits

Develop Healthy Habits

At least 3 activities were highlighted under each category and we were required to earn at least 32 points on a daily basis, I did well with a blackout and I feel really proud of myself. My performance also reflected on the scale.

I was exceptional with the Fitness Habits (449/250 fitness minutes = 180%), based on my walk at the camp ground but Nutrition was not good enough. I had junks and I think it stalled me for this week though it was better than I imagined. Always remember these words

“You can never out-exercise a bad diet”.

I couldn’t outdo all the processed foods I had over at the camp. It was really not intentional, the cooked meals were bad and sometimes not available (I think the organizers underestimated the population). I was left with living with what was available, my bad.

I will be going to that camp next year God’s willing and probably other places outside my home where I will not have so much liberty of choosing my meals.

I actually had home cooked meal packed as we left town but I had a need to share it so it finished on time. I will likely be safe the first day and then I could rely on fruits the second day coupled with intermittent fasting and of course I will be back home the third day. Not easy but I bet it’s doable. I do not want to create space for bad eating habits because it easily get uncontrollable. Let’s leave the plan that way and when next I am out of town, I will post how well I did.

TNT i.e. Tight and Tone of the challenge had become flexible and I did mine Monday night with a specified total body strength training. Surprised I was not sore the next day, I think the muscles were not challenged enough.

LCW i.e Last Chance Workout, I did 30 minutes walk away the pounds, I think that was too low for a last chance, lol.

The conclusion of the whole matter is that I weighed in at 166.2lbs, I maintained from last week and I bet it did not come easy. No loss, no gain.

I also got some lessons of note this week ended:

1. Be careful with sodium, a day before weigh in. It could destroy everything you have done.

2. At that point when I feel I need a little more food, I mean when I feel I am still hungry, it is actually the time to stop eating. I feel the vacuum with water or just get distracted but not food.

3. When I have high fitness minutes and the food is right, I will likely lose weight.

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