Week 29 Weigh-in: Challenge Recap Week 3

Yesterday was weigh in and it was not too good thanks to wacky hormones (every woman’s monthly bane). I weighed in yesterday and I thought it was due to late dinner on Tuesday that showed on the scale but when I tried it this morning, it was worse despite the controlled portion yesterday and taking my early dinner. Now I know it has something to do with water weight.

Anyways, the week was not bad and I did everything to be sure the weekend challenge was on point.

The challenge involved doing the same tasks everyday of the weekend, they are highlighted thus:

1. Drink 6 or more cups of water

2. Post a GOYBAD (Get Off Your Butt And Dance) on your team chat thread and then dance!

3. Eat 5 freggies

4. Get 6 or more hours of sleep

5. Do some strength training – your choice

6. Organize in your home for 15 minutes

I was very faithful to this challenge and did everything as stipulated including freggies (as hard as that could be for me right now, economic recession), this was why I concluded it had something to do with the hormones messing with my system.

TNT: Involved working opposite muscles i.e. a pushing and a pulling, for example you will do a chest fly and a reverse fly, a biceps curl and a triceps kickback etc

LCW: This required us doing any exercise for 60 minutes, I was able to get just 40 minutes in.

I weighed in at 167lbs, that is a whooping 1.4lbs gain from last week. I will definitely deal with it this week and lose more.

Water weight is a problem I face a lot, check this post for more. I hope to deal with this issue but it eludes me always. I have been reading more on Ketogenic diet (it should work for me), almost the same as Atkins diet (Keto is actually the first phase of Atkins). There is a Facebook group that I joined but I am still giving it a lot of consideration on either to try this or not. If I ever try this diet I will post about it but for now I am still on intermittent fasting religiously.

I have decided to stick with 16:8 daily fast for the whole of October and a weekly 23:1 just to get me more focused with IF, it is simply so convenient for me and able to get me to my goal weight I only need to be more focused and make better food choices when breaking the fast.

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