Week 3 Weigh in: 169.8lbs

It’s another weigh in today and I am happy with the results – 169.8lbs.

I overate over the weekend but IF helped me and here I am back to my pre-TOM weight and a little more.

I usually mindfully measure my body before climbing the scale, what I means is this, there is a feel of lightness and when I weigh in I find that the scale is down and the same happens when the scale will go up. This is an indication that I am in charge on this matter, nobody will do this for me. I need just a little discipline and I will surely get it right and anybody can too.

Last year, I was down to 162.8lbs, I could almost not believe my eyes that day but it was there and I am making a determination today (3/23/2016) that nothing will stop me again till I get back to this number between now and the 13th of April, 2016.

Some things worked last year and it will work again, I was under some discipline last year and it worked. Here they are:

  • Bread is a bane to my weight loss success and therefore, no bread till weekends.
  • I need over 250 minutes of fitness minutes per week to lose weight
  • Intermittent Fasting is of great help to my losing weight, I was doing 18:6  5 days a week and 21:3 twice a week (I may revert back to that but not now). I do 16:8 almost daily now.
  • I have a working meal plan
  • No food was avoided, I only controlled portions and was strict with it.
  • I tracked every food and workout.
  • I was determined to it.
The question we all need to ask ourselves is if it was working why did we stop? I can only answer for myself and that is:
1. Life got in the way (just became emotionally busy)
2. Saboteurs discouraged me from going on (I have learnt my lesson anyway)

I had some positives from a low scale last year and I want those rewards again. I promise to be as positive as possible to meet this goal in 3 weeks time (7lbs), i.e. a 2lbs loss per week.

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