Week 30 Weigh-in: Just Me

A collection of some of my favorite photos, they are not the best but there is something very like ME in those pictures.
October 2016
August, 2014
2010, 2012, 2013
I am using these to appreciate who I am and what I have grown to be over the past 6 years of the weight loss journey. It had been a lot of struggle and still struggling but I am closer to my goal than when I started. God forbid I spend another 6 years to get to my goal weight, in fact I have some great plans underway that would ease my journey and I will get a better “after” picture than these.
I weighed in at 167.8lbs. An 0.8lbs gain from last week [I am not happy about that anyway], but just as I said the journey to maintenance is starting soon by the grace and help of God and a great determination to do it.

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