Week 34 Weigh-in: REFOCUS

Weight loss journey can be as interesting and as boring, it can be as inspiring as it can be frustrating. It is the desire to keep moving no matter what, that brings the most success. I had been on this for the past 6 years and it is funny how many times I had to lose and regain those tiny pounds but somehow I am nearer to my goal weight now than ever before. Sometimes I lose weight rapidly, other times they come in tiny bits and some days it’s like I woke up to gain 5lbs that will refuse to go away irrespective of what is done. In this long journey to great health, I have learnt to keep on keeping on even when the surrounding conditions doesn’t permit it.

I wonder what would have happened if I had quit altogether, if I had become nonchalant and ate anything, anyhow and anywhere but because I had been there I now have an hindsight of what could become of me.
1. The numbers on the scale must have been racing by now
2. Health issues must have cropped up now
3. I would be clumsy and emphasizing nothingness to feel good about myself
4. Everything made me unhappy then and I would have sunk deeper into that now
5. I may become a failure because weight loss journey had inspired my outlook to life altogether.
The list is endless on what happens to being careless when it comes to your health. 

Since 2010 when I decided to take laws into my hands and lose weight, I never looked back. I mean, its possible I did not exercise for a whole month but it is not possible I neglected my weight loss life for more than 1 week. I had been without a proper workout for a month but I focus so well on my diet at such moments, I take more walks and do more house chores but I don’t hang the boots at any given time more than a week. I may overeat but not the wrong foods. The consciousness of my goals is forever on my mind.
This mindset helps me to refocus whenever I slip. I told myself at the beginning of this journey that I will keep working on myself for the sake of my health and if I lose weight then it’s a bonus for me, so it kept me going and I am still there and active till now. I keep looking for new ways to help me going, and active in the journey. Some of my ways out:
1. I read lots and lots of articles and they motivate me
2. I keep aspiring to see what a smaller ME will look like
3. I have a personal trainer that I talk to periodically
4. I try my best to inspire others to lose weight and make healthy choices.
5. Flexibility in the approach to this whole issue, I mean find a balance

I desire to lose weight the healthy way i.e. not so fast and then packing all the pounds back before I say Jack and rather not slow that I will clock a decade before getting into maintenance mode. However, even when I get to my healthy goal weight, I cannot just drop this lifestyle. Addiction is an understatement right now and the benefits I had reaped over the years surpasses just a slim body.

One of the easiest thing is to give up on anything and even life itself; it is also easy not to show up especially when the scale is not cooperating; or food pushers are your best friends; or negative comments fly all around; or when you have not accepted yourself for who you are whether fat or slim, healthy or not. At these points, we need to look inwards and refocus so that the journey does not end ‘inconclusively’ [characterizes a country’s election results], try some of my way out as outlined above and maybe some more as it applies to you and I can assure you that you will soon bounce back to life, I mean you will soon start exercising more consistently and eating the right foods.

If after all these, you are still not losing weight then your mind is clearly off all guilt and you are sure you are on the right path, someday soon you will be a success story.

Weigh in week 34 was yesterday with a loss of 0.4lbs, I was at 165lbs. My goal next week is to be at 164lbs and I am so positive I will get there.

I took an early breakfast today, in a long while. It’s noon and I am sure healthy snacks will just be alright for me till dinner. I will make sure not to be stressed on any issue so that I am not overeating tonight.

Once again keep on keepin’ on

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