Week 41 Weigh-in: Be Proud of the Journey

Today is the Twenty-Second day of the Twelfth month in the year Two Thousand and Sixteen, and when you consider your journey towards weight loss, how do you feel?
Sad, disappointed, frustrated or happy, fulfilled and encouraged, I would rather say maybe it’s not about the happy ending but the story. Instead of checking your weight today and just realizing that the numbers are higher than the first month this year, I would rather you do an analysis of other things like the efforts you have put into living and staying healthy in 2016.

A screenshot of my sparkpage and my weights for the first 8 months
Would you believe that you had been at your lowest this same year that it looks you did not make any progress? Do you know you have eaten so healthily this year and have actually been really healthy because of your food choices and exercises? Do you know that you had become more knowledgeable about weight loss and healthy lifestyles through your discussions and books and your desires to know more? If you are reading this blog, it is an effort you have put in to be a better you this year.
Take a moment to pat yourself on the back as this was not an easy achievement but took hard work and determination! Be proud that you are still in this race and you are strong enough to continue in the coming year [I believe you have your plans and resolutions for 2017 already]. You may not know the distance you have covered until you look back and consider. 
If you decide to look back, these are some things I want you to consider:
  • What extra information do you have about healthy living and wellness this year?
  • What food did you limit eating this year?
  • How many minutes of exercises have you accumulated this year?
  • What healthier way did you start eating some foods this year?
  • Measure your consciousness of a healthy lifestyle now as against what it was before?
  • Has there been anytime this year, when you corrected someone on a wrong health choice?
  • How much have you moved this year, including races and walks?
These are numerous ways to measure your success apart from the scale this year and if most of your answers are 5-6 rating on a scale of 1-10 then you are a success even if the numbers on the scale are below expectation.
It is human for us to beat ourselves up when we do not meet our expectations [unfortunately we do that to others too to their detriment most times] but it is not an encouraging attitude at all, I am not in support of over-indulgence but we need to be proud of the little we have done because when we are beaten up, the probability of given up is quite high. 
So, this is the time to brace up and applaud your efforts in this outgoing year, it is when you have the correct disposition that you can look forward with confidence and follow through with your plans in 2017. You can evaluate your mistakes [everyone makes one] and/or shortcomings and build on this to get yourself equipped for the coming year. We are in this to succeed and nothing can hold us down.
I love my successes this year, although I hope to lose some more this yea,r I am right now just like 2lbs or 1kg less than what I weighed in the first day of the year. I intended even getting to my goal weight in March this year but alas! All these are not enough to derail me because I keep refocusing and reanalyzing my goals, where I am and where I am going.
My various faces in the first six months of 2016
I weighed in at 165.6lbs [that is an 0.6lbs gain over the week]. I love finishing strong and so I am up for a challenge of exercising everyday till the last day of the year, I love that you join me for challenge. I have great plans for the coming year concerning the blog and my healthy living and wellness lifestyle, we shall unfold when the time is right.
Have you succeeded this year?

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