Week 42 – 43 Weigh-ins: The New Year

Happy new year to my friends and readers.  I had enjoyed every bit of the festive season with family, rest and of course lots of food.
I ate to satisfaction with “healthy” in mind. I had some excesses too like heavy creams, sodas (unlimited)and second helpings too. But I was conscious of the cooking methods like substituting frying for grilling; minimizing oils to the barest;  I also tried new recipes, in all of this I did not stop intermittent fasting,  I was sure to be doing the needful on a daily basis, so the scale was not crazy at the end of the year at 167.4lbs but weigh in this morning was 170lbs [a number I have not behold in a long while], I am starting on a fresh plate and determined to be healthier this year and probably get to my first goal weight of 155lbs by June this year. I have great plans and focus, believing God and my efforts to reach all my goals this year.

I am posting from my mobile because of some internet issues right now on the computer. This is likely to give me some restrictions but I will try my best. 
I am happy to also inform you that I started working out fully last night and I wish there would be no turning back till June when I get to the first bus stop. I have lots to share [including the recipe] and I will do that in the subsequent weeks. 
One of my highlights this year is trying the Paleo Diet and I am introducing some daily recipes so probably I can do that for 14 days or more.
I am going to be a “lab rat” this year experimenting and establishing facts about my body with regards to healthy living.  Always know that your body is stronger than you think.

My next post will be on my 2017 healthy lifestyle intentions.

Keep on, keepin on… 

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