Week 45 Weigh-in: Setting Goals

We had spoken extensively on setting goals and what to do with them since the beginning of the year. I am not going to over-flog the topic.
I will only use this short post to instruct you to go back to your journal or notebook where you scribble those plans and check how you have fared in the last 19 days of the year.

Search inwards:

– Is your energy/courage/confidence  sapped? Revitalize by reminding yourself why you started this. 
– Are you getting bored already? Tweak your goals/resolutions 
– You have not started yet? Just jump into the wagon, it never waits.
– Life got in your way? Take a deep breath and keep moving.
– Are you making what you call, “little progresses”? Keep on ‘keepin on.
– Are your progresses large? Celebrate it and reward yourself for doing it.
We are here to make tremendous success this year 2017 in our weight-loss journey and nothing will stop us. 
Proudly African
I considered my journey after my weigh in on Wednesday and I truly asked myself what was wrong. I am not going to whine no more, I am doing what I have got to do even in the face of so much inconveniences and not-too-happy situations around me and of course the heat, [97 degrees Fahrenheit] is no joke in the face of exercising. But man shall not live by the conducive weather alone, we keep moving.
I am on the 15th of my exercise video collection and that’s a great success to be celebrated by me for me. Measure your success in the past one week, what have you done towards shedding that extra pound on your arm, thunder thighs and that beautiful waist hiding under layers of fat. Put your mind to it, go back to the drawing board, look for better ways to achieve your plans and let us celebrate together by January ending.
I weighed in at 168.5lbs, an 0.5 loss of weight but I know my body is speaking better with my clothes and how I am able to push through high intensity trainings. 
You can measure your success by every other thing except the scale.
Energy level

How your clothes fit.

How fast you run or walk without puffing and huffing.

So many more to make you happy.

Keep on ‘keepin on…

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