Week 46 Weigh-in: Your Inner Team – 1

An English saying goes “birds of the same feather, flock”, this means that like minds attract. It is very unlikely that people one makes friends with are opposites of who we are. We naturally align with people that we love things about them, it doesn’t have to be all the qualities anyway.
On our journey to fitness and a healthier lifestyle, we need help greatly. Help in form of people, ideas, information etc that will draw us closer to our destination than where we started.

The carefulness we exhibit when choosing our friends and partners is the same way we should be careful in constituting our inner team or circle on this health/fitness journey.  We cannot afford to flock with just anyone who would eventually become a snare in our lives.

There are some I call natural vision killers or in a milder tone, saboteurs. I call them natural because I think they never intended to be mean in their approach. Some are saboteurs because they are scared of change and because you are changing, they become lonely and left out; they may become scared of losing you as a friend and partner; they could even develop complex; some could however be genuinely concerned because of some drastic steps you are taking and they feel it’s not good for anyone and you. For the latter category, all they need is a detailed explanation of what you are doing. But when someone on your inner team wants nothing to do with the new you, then they are permitted to stay outside and watch you fly.

It is expedient to surround ourselves with vision builders, those that understand perfectly well that we have genuine reasons for whatever we do even when those reasons are not evident to them, [reasons I love my mom]. Those that want to be like us even when they are evidently better than us [good people always have something to learn from others]. Those that want to just see us happy and refreshed.

As a newbie on a healthy lifestyle, don’t look for critics, they will come to you without invitation. You could hear things like, “are you supposed to eat that?”) I think you should walk or run instead of taking a taxi”; “that [insert ugly/bitter food] is good for you instead of…” But I always get myself armed before they come, people naturally hate change. But one thing we need to know is that we need all these categories of people on our journey if we want to head the right way.

I will conclude this  article in the next post. I mean, what happens when all the above characters lies in your  own head.


I weighed in at 167.8lbs yesterday [that’s an 0.7lbs fatloss] I don’t intend to gain it back.

Keep on ‘keeping up.

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