Week 48 weigh-in: Goals Re-evaluation

This is February and its so surprising how time flies these days. I wonder if our activities was more than what it used to be.

Somehow within the month of January,  I realized that many resolutions and good intentions are already waning. The need for this post is for a re-awakening and a call to refocus so that we would be celebrating and not bemoaning our achievements at the end of 2017.
Losing focus is never intentional and we must understand that fact, I mean no one desires to do a thing that she  is so passionate about only to get lost in the middle of it, there are some factors that could be responsible and we will just highlight them. Mark my words “could be”. 
1. SMART Goals: I will like that you refer to last week’s post and check your goals with the process of setting achievable goals. If your resolutions are not specific, measurable, attainable, realistic and timely, then I can assure you failure is imminent.

What to do: If you did not do it right, the day is still early. Go back to the drawing board and refer to my last post, it should help you do a better job at setting goals.

2. Unforseen Situations: Yes, they come and interrupt our daily lives, our schedules, routines and unreservedly our minds. Boo, life gets in the way, it could range from a sick child, a cluttered house, putting up with some others’ crazy schedules, mother nature (especially what we keep having these days) etc.

What to do: Have a plan B or even a C while you write out your goals. It’s not being negative dearie, stuff don’t work sometimes being no fault of ours. So what to do is switching to plan B till you get your footing back. For example, there are times I can’t workout, those are periods I am really meticulous about my diet.  I am not careless at other times but this period get me measuring, tracking, counting and become religious with my intermittent fasting. I load on veggies and fruits or other low calorie foods.

3. Boredom: Ough! It’s my weakness (I hate to disclose this secret). I get bored so easily, I cannot sustain an hairstyle for more than a week, lol. Conditions really made me adapt to a lot meaning if I do the same thing constantly for days unend, it’s not really me. So boredom could make you stop on the tracks of that beautiful goal that is even given you results.

What to do: Tweak your goals, if your meal plan is beans every lunch for a week, cook it differently everyday. Add vegetables, bake it, fry it or get some healthy exciting sides to make your lunch very interesting. Days when you are just  bored with running, shake your body to some favorite tunes. What about cleaning your house, scrub the bathrooms, rearrange the kitchen and living room (you have a clean house for a reward) and if you don’t break a sweat doing these, ask me for a refund. Just change something and you will soon be back on track.

4. Stress: You could be stressed up trying to meet the deadline. You could realize that time is just not waiting any longer. That calendar on your wall has so many X than ticks you wonder if you slept through those days. Its almost night fall and you just had a glass of water in the target of 8 etc.

What to do: Be flexible, if you can’t do what you intended this month, with the right mindset you will achieve it in February or March.

5. Procrastination: I sometimes talk myself into believing that it’s only just January, I still have 11 more months ahead of me. Those words are lazy and careless, making me sit on my butts all day long. Does that happen to you?

What to do: Time cannot be managed, you can only manage yourself. Procrastination steals dreams and 3 tips to overcome are: one, plan and organize your day, don’t leave the house without a to do list on your mind (better on paper) and keep telling yourself that “I need to get this Done”; number 2, set priorities and focus on number 1; and number 3 is repeating “Do it now”, “Do it now””Do it now”, this words of affirmation sets you to start and complete tasks on your list.

There are many more reasons to want to drop your new year intentions for 2017 but think of the one reason why you shouldn’t stop, repeat this reason in your head today and I hope you are motivated enough to ride on.

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