Week 5 Weigh in: 169.2lbs

Good day good people, I almost forgot to write about my weigh in this week. 
I felt a little better this week because there is a reward for my consistency. I had a pound loss over the scale and it makes me feel nice and ready to continue with my present workout/food schedule.
The weather (my last week’s excuse) is getting better with some showers in between but much more, I think I felt more determined to do THIS. I had been running indoors (how possible could that be) and it had worked, as evident on the scale and also my heart rate monitor. 
pop sugar
After some more researches, I will talk about exercising indoors and all the benefits attached to it in another post soon.
I love a mantra that reads “if plan A is not working, there are 25 more alphabets between A and Z” meaning that I just had to stop making unnecessary excuses and move on. After some pep talk, I told myself I am on a weight loss journey and it is no good news that I keep merry-go-rounding the same spot for the past 6 years, it is more like a step forward and 2 steps backward. So this past week I made a change AGAIN, I just decided in my mind to try do this and I hope it works this time.
I weighed in at 169.2lbs this week and I desire to see less of this next week despite the fact that it’s TOM. I will be watching my diet this week (no appetite for 3 days now) and maintain a low calorie but high in protein and fats since intermittent fasting is still on.
I love my body and I have promised to do the best to keep it in shape while I can. Our bodies houses our souls and when not properly managed, it will jeopardize it’s efficiency and effectiveness. I want this body of mine to last me longer and be strong all the way, I cannot afford to be careless or nonchalant, the body needs trimming to be fit and capable.

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