Week 51 Weigh-in: Don’t Give up

This post is actually short and subtly pleading with myself not to give up.

I think I am attending to too many things at the same time and somehow it’s taking a toll on my emotions. This week happen to be our wedding anniversary and I was elated by the way we were celebrated and for me to close the day immersing in the joy of the past years was a no-no because there was just too much to take care of
 around me [I don’t want to complain because it’s a duty].

I am sorry but this post is actually a ranting post. 

This Monday with all the plannings and organizing, I still realize there are some people and events one cannot fix because you never see them coming. 

It ranges from an unruly comment, an unappreciative gesture from neighbors, so much insecurity at work, family responsibilities unattended to which never stopped giving you concern, they are endless and what can you do?

Sometimes I just go to bed over it like one of my brothers do say when he is fed up “I will not be arrested for not doing these”. Other times, I just lay back doing nothing about anything till I clear my head and go back into the game.

For example yesterday I had to report at work earlier than usual and because of that no exercise in the morning. It’s the same day of our anniversary and I still had to be in church, by the time I came home, there was a load of dishes in my dishpan waiting to be cleaned. It was also a must to workout last night because I did not want to miss the 15-Day no break workout [I got my badge yesterday, thanks to my stubbornness]. I had to wake early again this morning and I am here tonight just trying to rant here so that readers help me bear the burden a little and help themselves out too

What do you do when you are at the brink?

1. Go to bed
2. Dance
3. Take a shower
4. Eat if you can [Don’t make it a habit though]
5. Watch a movie
6. Play with the children
7. Play a game on your phone
8. Write it down in a journal

One day I was discussing with my mom how she managed 5 kids when we were so young and dependent and there were numerous tantrums at the same time, she did say she always concentrate more on here sewing skills then, she will just ignore us and keep sewing and that we were normally sorted out by the time she is done.

Friends, there is no reason to be stressed about life and living. Sometimes, giving up sounds the better way but I will say NO, just clear your brain [no matter the days or weeks it takes] and get back into the game and keep playing till you get to the next stop.

Identify it when you want to give up, [for me my neck bone and shoulder blades becomes painful I don’t know what that means] then do what works for you to relax and leave everything, I mean everything till the next day – if you can – and keep on ‘keeping on.

Weigh in was 168.5lbs today, that was a 1.1lbs gain from last week. After Biggest Loser Challenge Round 33, I am going to take a rest from weekly weigh ins [I think it’s becoming a source of stress for me]. I really want to be flexible with my weighing, I mean I want to step on it everyday and other times quit stepping for two months.

Just my occasional rant. 

Good night
being silly

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