Week 52 Weigh in

Today, I want to let you into one of my favorite recipes, so simple yet so exciting to the taste buds. My sister called it “yam pepper soup” to me it’s my go to meal to heal and to celebrate.

– 3 habanero or scotch bonnet pepper

– Spices of choice at least 4 to your taste (I love my soup chilli and spicy)

– Protein 2 cups or as desired  (in small pieces includes and not limited to beef, chicken, oxtail – ponmon, tofu, fish – dried, iced or fresh. I have never used any plant protein except tofu)

– 1 cup diced yams

– 1 medium ball of onion 

– Scent leaves, 4 tbs shredded 

– Seasonings and salt to taste 

– 3 cups water

You could alter the measurements to suit your taste.

1.  Pour your diced protein into a saucepan. Add the water, diced onions seasonings and salt to your taste. Boil for 20 minutes.

2. Add blended pepper, spice and let it simmer for 5 minutes.

3. Add cubed yams and the shredded scent leaves (I love to use my fingers to shred than use knife).  

4. Turn off the heat when the yam is done.

5. Serve while still hot

Wedding Anniversary was the event 

I take this when I have a nagging cold or when I have a need to celebrate an event. 

With this recipe you could be extravagant or modest with it. You could gather all the proteins together or you could be contented with just one depending on the occasion and your purse.

Have a nice try!

I have been consistent for 52 weeks [1 year] posting my weight every Wednesday and also analyzing truths about healthy living, to be candid I have gained a lot from my own posts and those of other writers who had granted me permission to their articles. 

I am happy to let you into some new things loading since the beginning of the year and now we are closer to it than ever. We are moving this site! Are you as excited as I am, I trust you are. (we discuss about it better in the next post)

I weighed in at 167.8lbs yesterday and that’s a slight loss from last week. 

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