Week 6 Weigh in: 168.2lbs

168.2lbs flashed me yesterday on the scale. It’s a relief since I have not had a number this low in the past 12 weeks of my Wednesday Weigh in. I tried to do all that is in my power to exercise throughout this week (as promised in the last post), though not the expected minutes. I have strongly decided not to make excuses nor complain anymore (as Nia advised in her blog), I am going to shut up and do something.
I love to plan whenever I can and this in turn helps batch cooking which also eases me off every wrong choice in meals, unhealthy snacking, binge eating, exercise rut and overeating as the case maybe. 
Now I really wonder why we don’t plan to plan???
The place of proper planning cannot be over-emphasized in any weight loss journey. 
When you plan:

  • You will likely have extra time on your hands to rest or have some ME time
  • You make your exercise sessions an appointment that must not be disappointed
  • You will save a lot of money because the plan helps you buy only what you need
  • You will most likely eat a balanced diet because you have an idea of what is coming
  • You become highly productive when you can rest and so brainstorming on other issues is easy
  • Your body, after all the above will be in the best mode to lose the excess weight.

Things needed for planning:

  1. A journal
  2. A pen
  3. Online journal (optional)
  4. An hour a week for the planning
  5. A day to get the needed groceries done and batch cooking if required
  6. A Will to follow through with the plans
I have been on intermittent fasting for the past 39 days and I will be ending it tomorrow being Day 40, but I intend to continue with a new plan of IF and follow through. I did not lose much weight in these past days because I did not plan my meals and snacking well. No matter how good the exercise plan is if the diet is bad there will not be a single weight change on the scale (although I checked with my clothes which are loser and looking at the mirror shows some difference in my face and body).
2nd day of fast
What weight loss success have you made lately? Do you plan?

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