Week 7 Weigh in: 168lbs

My weigh in today looks well and with such small loss (0.2), it is a movement towards the right direction. The retreat had not allow my routine to be back to normal but I am focusing on my diet more. I intermittent fast everyday, a 14:10 pattern i.e. 14 hours fast and a 10 hours eating window.

Let’s speak more about food fast, for 40 days we had been involved in a 19:5 fasting pattern (spiritual exercise), and I may say I am reaping some benefits both physical and spiritual. I wasn’t 100% faithful like DH was but I did up to 65% of the fast. I really learnt a whole lot of stuff about myself and hunger during these fasted periods, I will highlight a few:
  • Intermittent fast or what I call “short term” hunger cannot kill me or anyone.
  • I am well able to exercise in the morning fasted hours than when I break the fast at night, when I tend to be weaker.
  • Hunger pangs bite hardest into me between the hours of 10am and 1pm. After these 3 hours I don’t feel a thing again till 8pm.
  • For days when I will do water fast, I drink the first water between 12 noon and 1pm and I am good till eating hour by 5pm.
  • When I plan my meals ahead, I will not overeat during the breaking of the fast. If not I binge at night on every food in sight.
  • I love to fast with my own initiative and done my own way or as the spirit leads me. Assigned fasting doesn’t work well for me.
  • I tried 24 hours fasting before and it brought some instant results, it was a breakfast to breakfast.
  • Fasting works for weight loss for me when I add consistent exercise to it.

Now that the assigned fasting is over, I wish to have this as my eating plan for the next one week i.e a 14:10 fasting/5x, a 24 hours fasting/1x, 18:6 fasting/1x. I will be starting tomorrow, let us see what effect this has on the scale by next week Wednesday weigh in.
My exercise schedule is still on i.e. walking/jogging in place and thank God the weather is getting better both in the mornings and nights, the afternoons are still unbearably humid. I hope we will have some good showers soon. My exercise room was nicely decluttered over the weekend, I will write about that soon.
Food had been good with very few episodes of overeating after fast. I know I will surely get there sooner than later.
What is your recent weigh in like friends?

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