Weight Loss Challenges

I woke up and felt like weighing myself yesterday and voila 162.6lbs = 73kg
That is a 15-pounds-loss since 27th December, 2014 when I started to be “different”. I had really gone from good to better and I am on my way to “best”. I have lost weight and it is looking so evident right now. (I will post my pictures, I am still searching for a good “before”)
This little success did not come without some “little” challenges. Unfortunately, I was armed and ready for them; I was so surprised that the ‘challenges’ could spur me to become even more determined to get to my goals. One of them was “it is okay like this you can stop now”.
An Aunty (fitspiration) who had lost weight had once reacted on Facebook, she said and I paraphrased “Don’t tell me to STOP because you never warned me to stop when I was on the unhealthy path”. 

I agree with those words, people don’t warn you to stop growing fat and out of shape, this is what they do:

1. They hide in a corner and laugh their hearts out especially when you fall in love with a shirt labelled M… [duh]
2. They say “you are looking fresh and enjoying yourself these days” …. [I wish]
3. They flaunt themselves and tell you “I am so skinny and I know I am a chopstick”… [I hope they know better]
4. Then the words “Big, Bold and Beautiful”…
[I love those words too but I will absorb them only when I am leading a healthy life and not eating what I don’t need]
5. When you say “I am FAT” [so that the reality of it dawns on you], they either keep mute because they know their impressions maybe offensive or they tone it down for you and say “not to worry, it’s the gene or you are not that fat or you are simply on the BIG side or it’s only your {a part of your body}that is big”….
[Never you be deceived by those words].
Right I love what I am seeing i.e. a smaller me, a health-conscious me, a more active me and a bolder me.

The beauty of it all is that I did not cut out anything, I only decided to start adding healthy stuff and more importantly reduce what I eat in a DAY.
I believe that this is a life I can sustain for a long time and I am ready to do it. I have faith in God who owns my body and gave it to me to function with and take proper care of it too.
Someone said “it is better for it to be WORN OUT than for it to RUST OUT.

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