Weight loss Success Story

As I sat down on my chair today and in a brief moment I was thinking of when my weight loss journey started some 6 years ago. I was a field worker for my organization and trust me I was not enjoying my job then, I felt cheated everyday when I got to work because of some “discrepancies” in posting of staff members and my assumed lopsidedness in the treatment field workers were getting.

Also, I was not really a happy person because of some challenges I faced as a newly-wed and trying to even understand the relationship that I was really working hard to be the best at.

One day I was on the field and I came face to face with my most dreadful equipment then “a scale”. Before then I never wanted to know what my weight was because I was really scared I might have to face some realities of a pending health issue or something close. Well, that day my colleague on the field persuaded me (he has a really small structure) to check since it wouldn’t hurt to know. 
I climbed the scale and voila (despite I had not taken breakfast), I was hit with a number that threw me off balance and made even more sad. I weighed 90kg (198lbs).

At an occasion 

I felt really bad and disorganized, I got home and told DH about it. I checked myself in the mirror but what I saw was a beautiful lady trying to live, be satisfied and happy. I did not see anything bad about my figure but if the number on that scale was correct then, I need to do something fast for the sake of my health. I never wanted to start treating a disease at that my young age and so I moved into action.
I started doing what I could in my own little way just to make sure I started living healthy, some resolutions helped me:

  1. I will not buy soda (or other processed drinks) with my own money ever again and if someone buys for me, I will take just a cup full.
  2. Unnecessary use of raw white sugar was totally stopped
  3. Meal plans became a must
  4. Tracking anything that enters my mouth including water (I had a book journal and was also encouraged to do it online with a Nigerian site, Nairaland)
  5. 6 days of the week was dedicated to focused exercising. I was running consistently.
  6. Reduced the portion of anything I had been eating by half.
  7. No forbidden foods in my resolution just portion control.
  8. A strong desire and determination to be healthy and if I lose weight, it’s a bonus for me.
Was there result?
The same suit.
Yes I lost weight and I started feeling better with myself. Others started calling my attention to my beauty and I felt really proud that I could do this for myself. I knew that if I can do this then I could do anything that I put my mind to do and well too. The healthy resolutions are still intact and I have added more over the years. 
I did calculate my weight loss between 2010 and today, I have 30lbs difference under my belt, 
I am also a SUCCESS STORY. 
I am on this journey for the long run and despite I have not gotten to my weight loss goal, I am nearer to it than when I started. 
With this post today, I am even more determined to get to my goal weight of 65kg/145lbs. Although there had been ups and downs on this journey but I never got back to where I was 6 years back.  I never did a yoyo dieting or look for a shortcut to get to where I am going, I am resolved to take the long but permanent route. It is not easy but it’s worth it and I am proud.
I will see you all at the top of the ladder.

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