I may or may not make this public yet but I am starting this blog in order to measure consistency in the things I want to do to get my goals achieved. I have so many goals in different areas and I hope this blog will help me get things done and I hope to celebrate it here too

You can come in relax and give views and comments, be honest because that will be highly appreciated.

I will need introduce myself here because you might likely not see me or anything about me.

I am Tope Tunde
I am married and happy.
I love church, fitness and my career (in that order)
This blog is about the three things that are of interest right now.



I have decided to make my blog public and I am enjoying the attractions especially since a week now. I don’t have comments on my blog maybe because I am not as attractive as I thought with my blog yet. (the irony is if readers don’t comment, I may not know what to do to make it better than this). I am changing the looks and will be hosting it on the web by 2016, so watch out for the best of me that is coming forth soon. 

Let me know what you think I can do to improve the site.

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