What Fitness Advices/Articles does not understand about ME

I shared this on Sparkpeople today.

I am doing this because I think some of the writers of blogs and articles could be lopsided in their advice, there is simply no one-size-fits-all approach to weight loss.

Sparkpeople and some of these writers are abroad, I am here in the heart of Africa. Our meals differ, our lives differ, our weathers differ. We are simply on different sides of the coast and thus, I can only pick some ideas and leave the rest for them [never under any obligation to do so], this is what inspired the write up below today. I am not angry at anyone, just simply stating our differences and why I would not strain myself to do all recommendations on the site. Happy reading…

I have been thinking lately and I think I should share this so that my relationship with Sparkpeople is smoother in 2015. I have been stalled or rather in plateau for more than 2 years now. I am trying to understand why but I am still in a fix and I think I need to fix this once and for all.

I joined sparkpeople.com some 4 years back and I had followed every rule, read articles and complied religiously even to some ideas I don’t understand. Thumbs up to a great life, a healthy life, great friends and better approach to life and living.

But… I am not losing weight consistently???

The main reason I came here was to meet my goals of losing weight, I want to see a smaller me [achieved that because I have a before and after picture] with a long term maintenance of it. I don’t want to lose weight [which I had done in a healthy way] and add it back before I say Jack Robinson!

Well… I have my shortcomings and it is quite unfortunate that Sparkpeople may not or is finding it hard to understand that about me.

1. I am African [proudly Nigerian]

2. 90% of meals in Nigeria are fattening

3. Our staple foods are carbs, carbs, and more carbs

4. Eating good freggies can be really costly/rare around here

5. Power outage is a constant experience here, making storage a difficult and more of a wishful idea here.

6. Internet is relatively costly to maintain here [I am trying my best]

7. Sometimes my environment is not safe to walk/run

8. Large portions are norm here

9. Life does not really run smooth here and if you want it smooth, then you need to really pay for it.

10. I think I have some health issues that may make weight loss hectic for me.

11. With all the planning in the world, I still have a very filled 24 hours.

The few times I have lost weight since these four years, I had been exercising to a breaking point [not much time for that these days].

I am still a good and faithful member of Sparkpeople and will always be here [I am an addict].
I love my spark friends, I love the spark family, I love the spark team spirit here and I am promising everyone not to hurt myself as I take the next steps in 2015 to lose this weight and maintain it.
Thank You all

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