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Is it OK to workout when sick?

I have not worked out in almost 5 days because I was sick and not disposed enough to exercise.

We need to be alert to conditions when our body needs rest and no matter how ardent you are, please kindly call in sick and let the body rest and heal. 
For example, when you have a cold and its just in the head then a low intensity workout is all you need. But in a situation that the cold is in the chest then you may need to stop working out altogether.

According to Coach Jen Mueller of Sparkpeople,  your body is the best diagnosis you can trust because you know what it feels like when there’s a pain and either you need to rest or keep on. Rules bend when we are sick and it’s good to know this as we start the new year.

She also asserted that, keeping fit through exercise is a lifestyle and so missing a few days or weeks wouldn’t jeopardize your efforts as long as you come back to base immediately. 

I believe that even when on a dietary plan and there are days you are not up to it, please be flexible and jump right back into the wagon when you are ready. 

One of the ways out when you cannot exercise is to be strict with your dietary plans. Whatever you’re into ranging from calorie counting, weight watchers, intermittent fasting, portion control, tracking macros, or other stricter diets,  just be sure to give it an extra attention at moments when you can’t workout for a period of time.

So today, I am back and better, feeling ready to finish my videos this year. Nothing is stopping me again (God’s willing). 

We are doing this!

Keep on ‘keepin on

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