Your Inner Team – 2

In the Pixar movie Inside Out, the premise is that each person’s brain has several characters inside, who act out individual emotions. 

The movie captures the “inner drama” of the average person. 

After all, sometimes it feels like we have different “characters” in our head. 

In fact, sometimes it feels like being ourselves is a team effort. 

Who’s on your inner team? 

For instance, your helpful “inner team” members might include: 

The #1 Fan: “Hey, you did a great job there! High fives, superstar! YEAH YOU!!!!” 

The Planner: “Don’t forget to make your lunch. And you have a 3 p.m. meeting, so pack an apple.” 

The Always-There-For-You Friend: “Sure, this is tough, but no worries — we can do this. I’ve got your back.” 

The Adventurer: “Ooh! A new exercise! That sounds fun!” 

Your not-so-helpful team members might include: 

The Doomsayer: “You are never going to succeed. It’s pointless.”

The Negotiator (aka The Wheedler): “You just had a cookie. You might as well have another one. How bad could it be?”

The Whiner: “This is haaaaaard.”

The Critic: “ You can’t do anything right.” 

Usually, your unhelpful team members aren’t bad per se. They often mean well, and are just trying to help. 

Your inner team can work for or against you. 

Make your team work for you 

We’re not suggesting you spend all day having weird conversations with the imaginary people in your head. 

But we are suggesting that not all thoughts and ideas are equally valid or helpful. 

By imagining our “inner team”, and keeping the team members that serve us best, we can make sure we stay on track and motivated, and don’t get distracted by unhelpful characters. 

Culled from Sparkpeople BLC Round 33 Week 3 Theme

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