You’re Worth It

It doesn’t matter how good the plan or idea, nothing will work for you if you don’t believe in it. And more importantly, nothing will work if you don’t believe in yourself. 


Find above the words for week 3 of our challenge, I really love this motivation statement because I have been there.

Are you unhappy, unacceptable, drained and… think of every other negative emotions you may be going through right now because of YOU, I want to let you know that you are worth more. You are worth to be the best of your kind if you want to.


I have come to understand that if you do not do it for yourself the world is ready to bring you down and tell you how worthless you are. 

Someone comes along and tell you what an ideal body image must look like and then you have words like “thinspo” “fitspo” etc. I realized that a lot of filters do the job these days and lights from cameras create an illusion for us. I am standing on my feet to let you know that you are the best of your kind, I had always appreciated everything about myself and that is the reason my initial intention to lose weight was to be healthy and have a clean medical record (unfortunately as I advance in age, other issues crept in) and fit for my family. So, it is first off about me, not others and so I claim responsibility for all of my actions.

I hear a lot of people say:

“my husband wants me slim”

“someone called me fat”

“my friend is complaining about my waist”

My kids said this or that….

If you are still there above, it shows you are not just ready for this healthy lifestyle, you will have to get to the level where you talk yourself into how much you need to do this. You will have to do this for YOU and you alone.

Even when I was at almost 200lbs, I still loved my face and my body shape and I never really needed anyone to tell me or push me to cutting any excess (good thing DH had never bothered). Now that I am where I am, I keep appreciating myself daily and dressing up to fit my present weight. 

I love my life (body) and I want to take care of it enough to be useful to those who will benefit from it, first God (It is no longer I…) then DH and others.

This post is to gear you up to believe in yourself and then it will be easy to believe in your dreams. Your aspiration should not stop at being rich, in a large home, with a great family, what about a dream to be without a single disease by the time you are 40 years old or more. It is doable.

It is your dreams and aspiration that would make you to wake that early running around like a small kid, that will make you take up some diet restrictions that saboteurs feel its too hard, that will make you take a walk when you have a good car, that will make you eat once a day even when food is all around you, that will help you to say NO to things and people meaning it.

Your plan is not working because you keep looking around and not inward. You are living healthy because someone is doing it (nothing wrong with inspiration) but you need to find a voice of reason within you so that when that inspiration from without stops, the one within will keep you going.

Get a good health plan (its everywhere, IF, Ketogenic, Whole30, Monthly Exercise Challenges) and give it a shot, if it doesn’t work, move on to the next one, all we need is result and good stable results. Be accountable to yourself for every wrong or right you do. Be a good record keeper (I mean write everything down). Do what you enjoy. Eat your favorite foods the healthy way. Be determined to be healthy and to live right and I know you will surely get there. Trust me, I am going there too and we shall meet at the top.

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